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From home, auto, life, flood, to umbrella, we have the personal insurance coverage you need in Stoughton and for all of Massachusetts. RMV running service available and reinstation of license plates our clients.

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Auto Insurance

There are almost as many varieties of auto insurance as there are brands of car. But if you have a vehicle that you take on the road there’s no question that insurance is a must and in most states it is a legal requirement.

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Homeowners Insurance

If you own your home you need insurance. Homeowners coverage helps with repair, replacement of buildings and contents, and insures you against costs associated with fire, theft, natural disaster, and more.

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Tenant Insurance

If you don’t own your home you’re not responsible for insuring it. However, you are responsible for your personal property and for any damage caused to the property by yourself or visitors. You are also responsible for visitors who may get hurt while on the property.

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Condominium Insurance

You don’t own the building or land but you do own the unit. With condo insurance you will be covered for damage within your unit, loss of personal contents, harm to visitors while in your unit, and more. Condominium insurance may also provide coverage should the Condominium Association insurance fall short.

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Umbrella Insurance

An umbrella insurance policy provides extra catch-all liability cover. If you max out on your homeowners policy or suffer financial loss because of libel or slander or because you accidentally cause damage or injury to a third party, an umbrella insurance policy will have you covered.

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Personal Articles Floater Insurance

When it comes to insuring valuables a homeowners policy may be inadequate. The Personal Articles Floater (PAF) can be tailor-made to suit your needs through blanket coverage or specific-item coverage for such possessions as jewelry, fine art, antiques, and even wine.

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Flood Insurance

You may not be in a flood zone but you may still be at risk from flood or flash flood. Many homeowners policies exclude flood damage but flood insurance can usually be added to an existing policy and can provide insurance for buildings, contents, extra living costs, and more.

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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is essential and, in almost all states, a legal requirement. There are myriad levels of coverage ranging from seasonal collision coverage to year-round comprehensive.

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Watercraft Insurance

Watercraft insurance allows for boating with peace of mind. Policies are designed to cover damage to your own boat as well as damage caused to others. Policies can be written to reflect how, when, and where you use your boat.

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Life Insurance

Whether you choose term or whole life insurance, deciding on the right policy can be confusing, but there is a suitable policy for anyone looking for financial security for a loved one or dependent.

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